Improving Health Care Access

“I’ll work tirelessly to improve access to affordable, quality health care.”

Access to quality, affordable health care is a fundamental human right. As a cancer survivor, I know what it’s like to receive a life-changing diagnosis and be dependent on my access to health care. It’s an incredibly humbling and vulnerable feeling, and something I will never forget.

My personal experience with our healthcare system is why I decided to run for office. Representative Chabot has voted over 50 times to remove people’s healthcare coverage—without an alternate plan. He’s voted multiple times against protections for pre-existing conditions. I live with a pre-existing condition, along with 300k people in our district. It’s not okay to play politics with people’s lives.

If elected, I will fight to lower prescription drug costs, premiums and deductibles, and close the disparities in health care quality that lead to higher infant and maternal mortality rates among African Americans.

Creating Jobs and Infrastructure

“My priority is increasing infrastructure investments to rebuild our roads, highways, and bridges.”

Investment in infrastructure creates jobs and facilitates small business growth. Right here in our backyard, the Brent Spence Bridge and Western Hills Viaduct are crumbling and have been neglected for years. We need a strong leader who will build partnerships at the local, state, and federal level to get the job done. I will work to bring federal dollars to the district to fix our roads, highways, and bridges (including the two above).

Reducing Gun Violence

“Gun violence is a national security and public health issue, and puts a strain on our younger generation.”

More than 100 Americans die from gun violence every day. American women are 11 times more likely to be murdered with a gun than women in other developed countries. Gun violence is a national security and public health issue, and puts a strain on our younger generations. Active shooter drills should not be “normal” at my four-year old’s preschool—we need to do better.

I firmly support the second amendment in conjunction with responsible gun ownership laws. I take a common-sense approach to reducing gun violence, including mandatory background checks on all gun purchases, banning the sale of military-style weapons, and passing red flag laws to keep guns away from violent criminals. I’ll push Congress to restore funding to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for research around the causes and patterns of gun violence, so that we’ll have data on the most effective ways to reduce preventable deaths.

Strengthening Education

“I plan to strengthen our public education system through better pay for teachers and a cap on student loan interest rates.”

Investments in education are an investment in our future. Every child deserves a quality learning experience. I was fortunate enough to be educated by phenomenal teachers. John and I send our children to a high-performing Cincinnati public school, but we know that every family is not as lucky.

I plan to strengthen our public education system through universal preschool access for three and four-year olds, better pay for teachers, additional Pell grants, and a cap on student loan interest rates. A four-year degree is not the only path to employment, which is why I support expanding access to skills and career training programs and apprenticeships.

Fighting Climate Change

“I want to continue our progress by increasing private sector growth in renewable energy.”

Our climate is undergoing rapid change—change that we see and feel every day—and we need to trust the science. Failure to combat these changes puts every American’s health and safety at risk. As a river city with ample water resources, Cincinnati is poised to lead the country—our recent Bloomberg Climate Challenge Award shows that carbon reduction can be done responsibly and still benefit the economy.

I want to continue our progress by increasing private sector growth in renewable energy and building of infrastructure that is less dependent on fossil fuels. I’ll also stand up nationally in Congress for additional high-paying green jobs and investments in new technologies.

Ending the Opioid Epidemic

“We cannot arrest our way out of this problem; I support funding for treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation.”

Cincinnati has one of the highest rates of opioid overdoses in the country. It’s become the largest public health crisis of our generation, claiming more lives than car accidents every year. Children are losing their parents, and yet the majority of those suffering will never receive treatment. Leaders in Washington need to pay attention to our local communities to fix an overwhelmed system.

Having spent my entire career finding solutions to the toughest global health problems, I know that we cannot arrest or criminalize our way out of this problem. That’s why I support bipartisan proposals to expand funding for treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation. While serving on the Cincinnati Board of Health, I’ve seen firsthand how our system is overwhelmed, which is why I want increased aid for the first responders who are on the frontlines in our neighborhoods.

Empowering Women

“I plan to reduce unwanted pregnancies through expanded access to family planning.”

Strong women are the foundation of strong families. It’s time to level the playing field, once and for all. I believe equal work deserves equal pay and an equal voice.

I want to build a world where my daughter, Josie, and girls everywhere have unrestricted access to opportunities. I support policies that boost the rate of women entering careers in the STEM field. I trust women to consult their doctors and families to make the best decisions about their bodies. I plan to work in a bipartisan manner to reduce unwanted pregnancies through expanded access to family planning. I will advocate for Planned Parenthood and protect their funding so women from Springboro to Price Hill have access to the healthcare services they need.

Reforming the Criminal Justice System

“All members of our community matter, yet some are punished more severely under the same justice system.”

Cincinnati CourthouseAll members of our community matter, yet some are punished more severely under the same justice system.

I support meaningful reforms to our criminal justice system that remove bias and ensure everyone is treated fairly. I will start a conversation between law enforcement, community leaders, and disproportionately affected communities to bridge the divide and build trust.

Standing up for Equality

“Every member of our district, our community, and our country should be able to live openly and without fear.”

Our city and our country have come along way in recognizing the rights of our LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors, however, we still have a ways to go. If elected to Congress, I will be a champion for the LGBTQ+ community. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer members of our community should be able to access mental health resources, healthcare, and job opportunities without fear of discrimination. LGBTQ youth should be able to be their true selves at school and at home without fear.

Cincinnati was one of the first cities in the country to ban conversion therapy for LGBTQ youth, an important step forward in allowing vulnerable teens to build confidence in themselves and find support in our community. In Congress, I will stand up for legislation that protects our LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors at the national level, including pushing for the passage of the Equality Act, so that every member of our district, our community, and our country can live openly and without fear.

Funding our Seniors

“I will advocate to fully fund and stabilize Medicare and Social Security.”

Kate speaking with constituentWe made a promise to generations of workers that if they played by the rules, worked hard, and paid into the system, our government would take care of them later in life.

I believe in staying true to my word, which is why I will advocate to fully fund and stabilize Medicare and Social Security. I oppose any attempt to reduce benefits for those who have built our economy over the past decades.

Caring for Veterans

“I support a well-funded, high-quality VA system.”

Our veterans served us overseas, and we have a moral obligation to serve them here at home. They bravely defended our freedoms, but are now suffering from intolerably high rates of unemployment, homelessness, and unaffordable care.

I support bipartisan legislation to ease the process of transitioning from active duty to civilian for our veterans. I also support a well-funded, high-quality VA system that allows veterans to get the care they need, when they need it, in an accessible way. We’re fortunate to have a well-resourced VA facility here in Cincinnati, and I will work diligently with Department of Veterans Affairs staff members to ensure our veterans are being heard and their needs met.